Lazy Sunday Open Thread

I’ll be heading out later today to watch my Sun Devils send Ole Miss back east and advance to the College World Series. My hats off to those who are from the SEC and have to deal with “Hotty Toddy” regularly. So have at it folks.

Just a note to those who keep emailing me about my “attack on GeoCommons”. GeoCommons is irrelevant to this conversation and was just picked because Steve brought it up. A couple brought up the point that the Keyhole community and all those “pushpins” now in Google Earth as proof that this concept works. I think that those points are proof that this concept doesn’t work in “the real world”. Sure its great to put a pushpin on the Redlands Post Office and call it ESRI’s home office.

There is no authority in these kinds of applications and until that happens, I’ll continue to view it as just another recreational activity. It is the same issue facing Wikipedia.

At some point someone will figure this out and then we’ll be in business.

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