LG.Philips 52-inch Multi-touch Screen

Gizmodo and Engadget both have articles on this LCD touch screen and both show a picture of Google Earth being demonstrated.

LG-Philips LCD Touch1

52-inch Multi-touch Screen – World’s Largest Multi-touch Display
LG.Philips LCD’s 52-inch multi-touch panel for public and interactive displays is not only the world’s largest, it is also one of the most responsive, able to recognize input from either a touch of a finger or more precise writing instruments. It uses an infrared image sensor that gives it the ability to recognize two separate touch points as well as gestures. It boasts some of the industry’s highest specifications, with a 90 Hz touch response time, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and a light transmission rate of 95 to 100 percent.

What caught my eye was how thin this unit is and there is no hacking here to get a touch table. We could be seeing this technology explode here in a few months.

  1. If you look past the cute girl, you can see Google Earth 

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