Lunch with Brian and J

I had a nice lunch with Brian Goldin and Jithen Singh after the .NET SIG. I owe J a couple beers tonight for picking up lunch for me (not even a dollar in my wallet). A vendor for a company called OQO came by with their handheld computer. I had seen it on the Internet, but I had never held on in my hands until today. The specs are a little light, but the compared to a Windows Mobile handheld running ArcPad, this thing really changes how you view a PDA. It runs Windows XP and has an 800×480 resolution screen. It is a compromise as it only has 20 gigs of HD space an 256 megs of ram, but these kinds of devices that push the envelope really get you excited. Now I just have to figure out how to get one as blogging would be really easy from it.

See all you guys at Dick’s Last Resort tonight at 6pm!

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