MapGuide Enterprise Support Issues

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I’ve been looking at MGE because some clients have “issues” with open source software. Not only that, but the thought that you’d have great technical support when needed was an added bonus. After reading Shane Buscher’s post it sounds like MGE isn’t quite what it should be.

Once I figured out that I only had web support (no phone#) from AutoDesk, I logged a support request and got back the regurgitated email indicating I would be contacted within 4 hours. That was Friday morning 8:45 (CST). I’ve been left with no response whatsoever. There’s no way for me to follow up with anyone without a phone#, and replying to the original email is futile.

It looked like Autodesk had hit the sweet spot with MapGuide Open Source and MapGuide Enterprise, but it appears that they need a little time to get there. Telephone support is key IMO as I don’t always have time for an email. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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