MapGuide gaining traction

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From the AGIC-L email list:

The City of Scottsdale is seeking GIS users from the Arizona community who are developing Web applications in MapGuide and who may have begun to use the new MapGuide 2007 environment.

We at the City of Scottsdale have just begun this exciting endeavor and were wondering if there are users interested in participating in knowledge sharing about the process of development in the new environment.

During this process we have collected a lot of documentation that the Open Source provides and believe we could act collectively with other Arizona MapGuide users to better provide services to our customers. We are just finalizing the installation of the MapGuide Extended services to our Web servers and will begin development soon so any collective
endeavors would help further the understanding of this software.

Please contact me if you would like to participate and I will forward you information to our developers at the City of Scottsdale who are handling this migration.



Mele Koneya
GIS Analyst II
City of Scottsdale GIS

I left out Mele’s email/phone number, but I can put anyone into contact with him or the City of Scottsdale. I keep seeing more and more requests like this every day. Something about open source breeds community doesn’t it?

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