MapGuide vs ArcGIS Web ADF

Who says you can’t compare apples to apples. Sean takes a look at the new MapGuide Demo page and is impressed.

I spent a few minutes trying out the three generic tasks and must say, this is more like it. Autodesk is employing some UI and graphic designers. They haven’t found the sweet spots yet, but are closer than the ADF team.

Steve IM’d me yesterday saying he was impressed with the MapGuide demos. I’ve been playing around with MapGuide and the ArcGIS Web ADF and I feel they are comparable (I wouldn’t call the demo on the AGS blog a true demo in the sense that that the MapGuide site is a demo, but since ESRI does not have a true demo site, this is all we can use). I get more power with AGS and the Web ADF, but at a bigger cost. One just needs to decide what level of functionality you need and go from there. Personally I can’t want until the Dev Summit to see what people are doing with the Web ADF and the tasks you can create.

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