MapQuest Finally Goes OSM in USA

!MapQuest Open

So apparently our work is done in the USA with the OpenStreetMap data because MapQuest opened up their USA version of their open initiative. provides the same features as our 10 sites in Europe and Asia, and also debuts a new error-reporting tool (which has been added to all of MapQuest’s open sites). For many, this tool may be their first step in becoming OSM contributors. Now, on any open MapQuest site, errors can be reported directly and are displayed in near real-time. These errors can range from an incorrect speed limit or directional changes on a street to a missing parking lot or a new cultural institution.

Bing Boom goes the dynamite! I guess now we can’t complain about the quality of the map anymore because it is my own fault it sucks in Arizona. This is a very gutsy move on MapQuest’s part as I’m not sure the map is really good enough to use in the United States, but we need something like this out there to get it moving forward. Rather than fix errors in the Google Map, now we can fix errors in the MapQuest Map and send them on to the root OSM map. Good work MapQuest!

As an Arizona State alumni, I’m planning a trip to see the NCAA this weekend to correct a horrible wrong done to our fair university. Looks like I’ll be making that trip with MapQuest and OSM.

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