MapQuest Takes on Google Navigation – OSM Comes Along For The Ride

Clearly when it comes to navigation, the Android platform is king. Me being an iOS Fan Boi, I roll with MapQuest as my navigation tool on the iPhone because it seems to do the best routing. The Google Map app seems to let me down again and again. Now MapQuest seems to have pegged its future on OSM and this new Android Navi app brings it front and center.

  • OSM Maps: User-sourced maps that may provide unique local perspective and detail
  • Bug Logging for OSM: Standing in front of a new building? Report it to the community and they’ll fill in the missing pieces
  • International Maps: Take MapQuest abroad on business trips (or for you ex-pats) and experience maps improved by mapping enthusiasts (is that code for mapping wackos?)

As I don’t have a working Android phone anymore, I can’t test it out. What would be killer is that if the OSM maps could be cached so that you can navigate while traveling and not have to use expensive data roaming plans.

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