Thoughts to the rescue

All U.S. Americans took it on the chin when Miss South Carolina tried to answer a question about U.S. American’s mapping abilities, but a new website has stepped in to being U.S. American’s children the maps they need.

The children of the US America are in deep trouble. Because some people out there don’t have maps. Such as South Africa. Therefore, you must email us maps to make it better. EMAIL: maps AT Our views of Attack of the Show’s webpage will encourage our children to believe that there is a future outside of Asia. A future with maps. And such. South Africa.

The comments section is wonderful and this type of grassroots effort might actually help U.S. American’s mapping deficiencies.

The website is back up!

Update: No sooner than I post this, but the website has gone down. The Google cache gives you a little insight into what you are missing.

At least Miss South Carolina did with with Matt Lauer asking the questions.

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