Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D takes on Second Life

OK I do have a ban on use the phrase “ Killer”, but the latest post on the Virtual Earth Spaces got me thinking about a interview I heard on NPR Monday. Basically people are trying to make a buck off of Second Life by creating their own storefronts in Second Life. Why invest in such a virtual world when you could invest in the real world. Rather than going to second life to check out the new Prius, just fire up Virtual Earth 3D and visit the local showroom in your own town (or across the state) and see what they have in inventory. No sense putting crazy Second Life accessories on your new car if you can’t get them were you live. Sure it might be fun to drive the Prius off of a cliff in Second Life, but reality is where real money is made.

Imagine going on vacation and being able to walk around a city seeing where all the sites are before you visit. This has been talked about before with digital globes, but I think Microsoft just figured it out. I’m hooked guys!


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