More Google Street View Coverage

Looks like the Google Van was driving around the Valley of the Sun taking pictures because Phoenix/Tempe now has Google Street View images.

Google SteetView Tempe

Google took plenty of pictures of my sons pre-school which somewhat freaked my wife out, but they didn’t make it into our neighborhood. We’ll see how the Phoenix press reacts to the city being displayed this way.

Update: Looks like today’s Arizona Republic is covering the news.

Phoenix is added to Google Street View today

Street-scene photos raise privacy concern

“People do expect a certain amount of anonymity in their everyday lives, and that’s something that they should be able to have,” said Rebecca Jeschke, spokeswoman for the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has been a vocal critic of Street View.

“It’s not a question of legality, it’s a question of rudeness, really,” she said._

Don’t be rude Google!

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