More on new Virtual Earth/Live Local Imagery Update

Out of date and irrelevant!

I’ve gotten a couple emails from people insisting that I’m wrong and Virtual Earth is the most impressive online mapping service available. My point was not that the update wasn’t good for some people, just that you have to take these updates with a grain of salt. I mean who cares that you can see some ferris wheel in the UK if you still have crappy imagery in major metropolitan areas?

It is good marketing to prove zoom into an interesting area and show off the great update, but if the majority of the product is still way behind the curve then why waste money on making a ferris wheel crisp? I don’t really care that Phoenix doesn’t have the birds eye view, but without timely imagery why would I use Virtual Earth in any product? (They can’t even spell Veterans Way correctly in the example above next to my office)

I do love the navigation of Virtual Earth vs Google or any other mapping product, but I didn’t use VE before this update and I’m sure not going to use it after. What sucks is even NASA World Wind is behind Google Earth in Phoenix so I’ve put that aside also.

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