More Virtual Earth Information

Link – Virtual Earth – Now available for Commercial Use

First and foremost, VE is now available for commercial use. The nitty-gritty details are available from the virtual earth developer site ( but, in essence, if you leave the What and Where fields visible, you can use the control provided for a commercial site for free. In Jan 2006, there will be an option to pay for use and remove those controls. Steve’s working on a demo site for this technology called – catchy huh? It’s not live yet, but when it is, it’ll allow you to mark a spot anywhere on the earth (or, more accurately at the moment, anywhere in the continental US) as a significant site” and decorate it with the metadata to say why.

Andrew Coates updates us on some information from the Microsoft PDC. Can someone explain to me how the 45 degree angle on satellite/aerial imagery is of any value to web users? Microsoft keeps mentioning it like is will change the way we view maps, but I’m just left trying to figure out how.

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