NASA World Wind and Wikipedia

It seems that the Wikipedia nuts police have begun to attack World Wind now.

A Wikipedia editor recently changed the NASA World Wind page, removing all references to it being ‘free’, so what exactly is ‘free’ in Open Source land?

Just more proof that Wikipedia has failed. The simple fact that someone citing a source has more pull than experts just baffles me. Reminds me of an issue last summer when a lead engineer for Mac OS 9 was edited out because he didn’t cite his sources.

I say, it’s not true. So, I clicked on the little edit button, and deleted it. Done! Truth has prevailed; now 10th graders have a reliable source they can crib stuff from when they do their reports.

Then, someone put it back. “reverted an unsourced claim” is the reason; apparently I, a mere Mac OS 9.1 Technical Lead, don’t count as a “source” for something. Rumor site; yes. Someone who was actually at Apple doing stuff; no.

Won’t someone rescue Wikipedia from the police Snidely Whiplash?


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