.NET SIG and the ESRI UC Geoblogger meetup

What a night, I started with the .NET SIG hosted by our favorite .NET lead Art Haddad (I’d like to his blog space, but…) and ended with Mai Tai’s. Its pretty late tonight (or early this morning) so I don’t really feel like getting into details, but lets just say Brian Flood won an Xbox. I guess these things really aren’t rigged. Then we headed over to the Geoblogger meetup sponsored by Google. There many of the GIS bloggers and GIS blog readers enjoyed drinks and talked about the price of tea in China. I ended up showing up late as I was busy discussing the Plenary video with Anne Reuland back at the .NET SIG. Anyway thanks to both Microsoft for sponsoring the .NET SIG and Google for sponsoring the blogger meetup. Somehow I feel very balanced tonight. Of course I stayed too long in the Gas Lamp and had to take a taxi cab to my brothers condo where I’m staying from the Old Town station because the Trolley’s had stopped running. Oh and of course Geomullah for getting this all organized. Give him a pat on the back or at least a comment of thanks if you see him on Thursday.

I still don’t believe Brian Food won that Xbox a the .NET SIG. Heck even Art could say his name when he saw it come up. Now we can all blame the lack of Arc2Earth updates on something concrete. Oh and it was great meeting everyone. I’m always happy to put a face with someone who reads this blog. 🙂

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