New ESRI Mobile GIS Blog

ArcGISThe Mobile ADF at ESRI has started up a blog in preparation for the Developer Summit. With all the big changes with the Mobile ADF, it will hopefully be a great resource for any Mobile GIS developers. I like the team aspect of it and hopefully we’ll learn some more about what to expect with ArcGIS Server and the Mobile ADF from them.

One suggestion (and this should be for any ESRI blogger), put your email address up on the web page. I can’t think of a better way to foster communication than having your readers be able to email questions to you. I’m glad to see ESRI developers take the discussion to the GIS community. Hopefully this is the start of a flood of developer blogs. Maybe we’ll see some of the ArcGIS Desktop team start blogs too. Should make the blogger meet-up at the Dev Summit that much more fun.

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