New Version of the Manifold Toolbar

I guess since the previous version just didn’t work, Manifold has released an updated version of their beta toolbar.

There is a new beta release of the Manifold toolbar. See

for the download. Please remember to uninstall the previous version using the Windows Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs applet before installing the new version.

The new version supports the IE 7 beta, automatically detects proxy settings when Virtual Earth modules are used and fixes some miscellaneous bugs. See the URL above for notes.

As I said, I’m not a toolbar users, but to be fair to all those who downloaded the previous version and didn’t get to try it I figured I’d post this update. Manifold users are using words like “fantastic”, “cool” and “fun” to describe the latest version. Personally I just don’t see the need for YAT (yet another toolbar), but I guess some enjoy it.


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