NoGIS – The Engine Behind NeoGeography

So another year has gone by and we need yet another meme to wrap our hands around. Strait from the NeoGeography crew, we’ve got something new we can play with.


As with anything, everyone is quick to say we’ve all been doing this since the 1960’s so ignore it and move on unless you’ve got one of the following to accomplish:

  1. Give talk at some 2.0 conference, NoGIS will put fannies in the seats.
  2. Want to write a book; clearly we need textbooks on the subject.
  3. Need differentiator between your product and ArcSDE/PostGIS/SQL Server/Oracle Spatial
  4. Just like to shoot the shit about crap

The NoGIS Club line forms at the right folks.

NoGIS Club

The NoGIS Club is forming, no Esri allowed!

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