Now Steve’s Posting Code!

Link – alright keyur, lets see what you can do

How cool is this? Steve Citron-Pousty is also now posting code to help us programmers out.

Prodded by Keyur’s excellent post, and Jame’s nice kudos for Keyur, I am going to start posting more code examples. Most of my examples will actually be showing ArcObjects since this is the part I am focusing on for the next couple of weeks. So here you go fresh from the press. I just ported this tip, so the next time samples get built and posted to the website this will be up on edn.

Great, now we got two ESRI bloggers posting Java code. Guess I’ll have to break out the “hello world” Java app I wrote 10 years ago and get back into Java. As I said previously just little posts like this can make all the difference to developers. Sure EDN is nice, but I’m sure I’m like most programmers and just type my questions into Google search rather than fight the ESRI forums and support pages.

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