Off to the 2010 ESRI Federal User Conference.

Well I’m leaving warm sunny Arizona for some crazy reason to head off to the 2010 ESRI Federal User Conference in “balmy” Washington D.C. I haven’t been to the FedUC in more years than I care to share, but I’m excited to go this year. I’ll of course be hanging at the WeoGeo booth most of the day showing the cool ArcGIS Desktop integration we’ve been working on and going to as many talks as I can squeeze in.

I’m also going to see what is going on with this #geoglobaldomination stuff the Mid-Atlantic folks seem so keen on repeating every tweet. As with most things, east coasters seem to make a big deal about everything so this is their chance to impress me. Heck, they even schedule #geoglobaldomination, so it must be good.


“Shall we play a game?”

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