OGC Draft Geopackage Specification

Well look at this, my switch to SpatiaLite might be short lived. Well not entirely because it looks like SpatiaLite is being integrated into a new OGC draft specification, Geopackage.

OGC Plenary GeoPkg_SWG 2013-1-14

I’m the first one to complain about OGC standards (WxS, GML, CityGML) but this one might be something I can get behind. The specs are right what I’m looking for:

When I first saw it and the words OGC tied to it, I tried to hate it, I really did. But there is much here to like. One thing I’d like see added is support for cartography but maybe tiles is all people really care about.

Close Look

I really did try to hate this but a closer look and I’m in love!

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