On to GeoWeb 2.0?

What? I need to use Flex APIs (and thus GeoWeb 2.0) to do this?

GeoWeb 2.0 would need to be able to answer spatial questions and solve real-life problems in the spatial context’in addition to locating and visualizing data on maps. For example, it should be able to answer questions, like when the fire broke out, taking into account wind direction and speed, which area will be effected by the smoke and how many residents will be effected; or what critical infrastructure needs to be protected. It should also be able to pinpoint the nearest safe shelters for residents likely to be affected, the best evacuation routes; and the best way to setup road blocks so that the least number of U-turns will occur.

Why does someone need to propose GeoWeb 2.0 (other than I’m sure O’Reilly requires appending the 2.0 suffix to any article you write) when we can do everything Zhang outlines with GeoWeb Classic 1.0? Good grief indeed!

Malibu Stacy

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