Open Source GIS San Diego Gathering (OSG-SD) is a go

There was some talk about the OSG-SD not happening, but it looks like its a go.

From the OSG-SD mailing list:

Hi All

Well its on !

Tim Foresman has agreed to be our speaker again ! Fresh from the ISDE5 conference in Berkeley.

We had a Great time and made lots of new friends. Lots of good news to share about the Digital Earth Exchange and the new
announcement from Spot Image of France about Planet Action Collaboration to Provide Climate Change Tools.

I will also be showing some of the latest coolest open source software on the planet 🙂 We will also be opening it up for others to share what they are up to! Feel free to contact me if you would like to present something but its not required.

We will buy Pizza and refreshments for all so we would like to know how many want to attend… reply to the list or me directly! Invite folks you meet at the ESRI conference 🙂

The plan is to start around 6PM at the Vizlab on SDSU campus.

The trolley runs from downtown and stops on the south side of campus or its a short drive east on Rt.8

Hope to see you all on the 18th of June at 6PM

John Graham
Chief Scientist, Visualization Center
San Diego State University

All had a great time last year and it is very easy to get there via the Trolley. Trust me, if you want to see some amazing stuff head over. And don’t worry, it isn’t an ESRI hate session. Most (though there are some folks that are close minded) understand the reality of ESRI and their place in GIS and try and work with them as opposed to fighting them. That is what makes what you see so special.

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