Open Source Update Friday

Everybody’s working for the weekend, especially on Friday. But there is good news for those who like to install updates to software on their Friday; QGIS 1.7.1 and OpenLayers 2.11 are available.

  • QGIS 1.7.1 was released this week. This is a bug fix release so there isn’t much new there other than cleaning up issues. Check out those release notes to see what was updated.
  • OpenLayers 2.11 also was released this week. Don’t let the .01 update fool you, this is huge. Specifically “native” support for touch devices (you know, like that thing called an iPad) and some big performance updates. Clearly, this is an update all who are running OpenLayers 2.10 should look at very closely.<
  • Esri Canvas Maps are now available on (er ArcGIS Online). Now your paleo maps can have a little neo map flavor. Everyone is a winner! Yea that’s not really open source, but you can use it in OpenLayers so that’s a win for libre.

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