Ovi Maps? Is anyone actually implementing this thing?

So a week doesn’t go by where I don’t see some news about Ovi Maps.

The new, improved Ovi Maps will offer, live?traffic?flow information, a new drive assist mode, public transportation maps, a redesigned places page, and social check-ins. The public?transportation?maps will be available via a map layer for over 80 cities around the world and check-ins will allow you to broadcast your location via SMS or to your social network of choice.

OK, so does anyone actually use Ovi Maps on purpose? I mean MapQuest learned how to fit in with the new world order, but Nokia seems to still think we are all ready to jump on their platform. Part of why Where 2.0 doesn’t interest me anymore is they keep getting up there pushing this platform like it is viable or something. But hey I doesn’t matter right? Name one product of value that ever launched at Where 2.0? [editor’s note: I must remind Mr. Fee that his passion launched at Where 2.0]

I wonder where Ovi Maps is? At least Nokia is consuming their own dogfood.

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