Picasa Web Album and Google Earth

I was playing around with the web album feature of Picasa and how Google Earth integrates into it. The ease of geocoding the photos was very easy and a snap, yet the web portion makes me wonder if this will really take off. I’m a big Flickr user and frankly the limitations of Google’s Web Album compared to Flickr are glaring. Given that they had Flickr to work from, I’m surprised how limited the Web Album is. Plus it doesn’t even seem to carry the geocoding to the web as far as I can tell. How much better would this have all been if Google had just bought Flickr in the first place rather than Yahoo!?

I’m sticking to Flickr even though I do use Picasa. Maybe Yahoo! can come up with their own solution…

Picasa Beta

_Update -_Looks like if you rename your photo album in Picasa it destroys the url link. Flickr doesn’t do this.

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