placemap looks at making Yahoo! Maps with Flash

Link – Making Y! Maps with Flash (Series)

“So yahoo’s map api is available to help us make maps with flash. Strangely I see an awful lot of questions about the Flash-JS api. I don’t personally do a lot of flash javascript communication, so I’m not sure i really understand why there seems to be so much interest in this. Javascript is great, but if i’m using the flash plugin i feel like i might as well get my monies worth and do the work in Actionscript (saving JS for when flash just can/t handle something, or to communicate with things in strange ways that flash can’t).”

Most who have seen the Flash viewer for Yahoo! Maps are impressed (even I’m a convert now) so how easy is it to use the API? Well compared to Google’s API it seems that Yahoo!’s documentation is lacking. A good API documentation will do wonders for those wanting to get involved with Yahoo! maps and help with its adoption. As for Actionscript vs. JavaScript, I’ll just say I’ve been sticking with JavaScript on their API as I’m more comfortable with it. I guess Yahoo! should be commended for allowing both to be used with their flash maps.

ESRI should take this to heart and make sure their documentation is ready to go when ArcWeb Explorer is released.

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