Planet Geospatial “Fixed”

There has been some problems with Planet Geospatial over the last month both on the html page and with the feeds. I finally gave up trying to handle all the html and are now stripping it out (except for link tags). I’ve also decided to use FeedBurner as it seems to do better than either of the two feeds that I was using before. For most RSS readers, the change should be transparent, but some might want to update the feed to I’ve tried this in Yahoo!, Google Reader, Newsgator, RSS Owl, Bloglines and Feedster. If you see trouble, let me know, but I’m hopeful this should end all the problems Planet Geospatial has had (I just asked the Magic 8-ball and it told me that it will work so I’m confident).

Also, Sean Gillies has updated his Greasemonkey script which removes feeds from Planet Geospatial that don’t interest you. This version should be pretty stable as I have no plans to change Planet Geospatial since it is working with all browsers and all major RSS readers.

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