Planet Geospatial Reboot is Here

My policy on Planet Geospatial has been if you want in, just ask, and you’ll be added. I’m not sure this can continue as the noise is just too much to make Planet Geospatial of any value. So I’m in the process of cleaning out the feeds and reducing it from the 144 that are currently in Planet Geospatial to about 60 50 (it ended up being 50 blogs). I know many bloggers will be unhappy that they got dropped, but the value of Planet Geospatial is at stake here. Those who blog original content should get precedence of those who blog news that has been covered elsewhere.

The end result will be something that I think will be of more value to the community at large than just an echo chamber.

If you want to grab all the feeds that made up the old Planet Geospatial list, you can do so by downloading this OPML file: and import it into your favorite RSS Aggregator.

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