Plotter Rant

I hate our plotter. Its only about 3 years old, but I have so much trouble plotting rasters to it. Basically the only work around is to export to 100dpi jpg and print from Photoshop. We’ve had HP out to see if it is the plotter, but they can’t figure what the problem is other than to say it isn’t with the hardware. I can’t argue with them as I could be our software, but if Acrobat, ArcMap and other similar programs have problems printing large rasters I can only think it is the plotter. We’ve tried every trick I’ve ever known (with ESRI and HP help) and the only way to get it to work is a low res JPG. Oh I would love to be able to just send a E size plot directly from ArcMap with a nice huge aerial in the background and just have it plot. When I first started in GIS many years ago, my job title was plotter operator (basically it was the title of the lowest paying job so paying them to babysit the old plotter wasn’t too expensive) and I feel like I’ve come full circle.

At least CAD drawings fly off of the thing.

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