Post GIS 2.0, FOSS4G 2011 Was Off the Hook, Sponsorships Don’t Matter and Go Giants

Monday’s after a good conference are always a load of fun. Hitting all that work you put aside to get involved with the future of GIS. But until I can get up my thoughts on the 2011 Edition of FOSS4G here are some things you probably should know.

PostGIS 2.0 is on the horizon. If you were unable to get to the session, check out the slides.

Paul Ramsey says FOSS4G 2011 was the best and tells you why. Hopefully 2011 is a blueprint for the future of FOSS4G.

Why all the focus on sponsorships as a metric to success? As far as I can tell, FOSS4G 2011 was a huge success and gave back lots of money to OSGeo. Anyone who wants FOSS4G to be more like GeoInt is freaking nuts.

Lastly the World Champs are teasing me with thoughts that they might actually make the playoffs. FOSS4G 2011 was all about the Giants putting the hurt on the Colorado Rockies. Glad I could be there to witness it.

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