Problems with mapping around the poles

OK, so I’m going to use my own IMS server to handle the pole projection issue but that brings up a couple issues that I’ve got to figure out.

  1. How to handle data that was not created in polar projections. Martin linked to a paper by Waldo Tobler that hits on some of the issues. Right now I’m only thinking points, but you know that the client will want polygons eventually.
  2. What do I do with global datasets? Sure the Bipolar Oblique Conic Conformal works well for the poles, but what about the equator? Folks are used to Mercator so there has to be some sort of change between the two which adds complexity. I guess one could use a 3D globe such as VE3D, but I’d rather focus on the simplicity of a 2D map.

I’m paying my penance for making fun of polar projections all these years.

Head Scratch

Freaking polar projections are making me bald

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