QGIS at FOSS4G2007

Gary Sherman has posted a couple documents on his blog that may be of interest to those trying to learn more about QGIS. First off he’s got his slides from his FOSS4G presentation as well as the workbook from the “Shuffling Quantum GIS into the Open Source Software Stack” workshop. Both are a great introduction to QGIS and show you how to use QGIS with existing datasets to make a map as well as perform GIS analysis with GRASS (that is the killer feature of QGIS, using the power of GRASS with easy to use GUI). In addition, you can download the QGIS Live CD that was used at the FOSS4G2007 conference. That way you can give QGIS a spin without having to install anything on your computer (Mac/PC/Linux).

We are getting really close to the 0.9 release of QGIS so there isn’t a better time to get familiar with what is becoming the choice in open source desktop GIS (to be fair I like what I see in gvSIG as well).

QGIS 0.9

QGIS 0.9 Splash Screen

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