Quick look at MapDotNet Server 2007

I went ahead and downloaded the trial for MapDotNet Server 2007 and installed it. The install went well after I installed VS2005 and IIS on my laptop (not sure how that happened). Anyway after opening VS2005, all I had to do was open up one of the templates and run the code.

I’m a little too busy today to get further into the code, but it looks very straitforward and easy to get up and running. The Wiki and forums give some insight of what is possible here. With support for ArcSDE it should be pretty easy to migrate to MapDotNet Server without much difficulty.

Now a couple of people have emailed me asking about price. You can see the costs at the I.S. Consulting website:

MapDotNet Pricing

MapDotNet Developer License $1000 ($US)
MapDotNet Runtime License $3800 ($US)

MapDotNet Maintenance

Maintenance for MapDotNet Runtime licenses is 20% of the retail license cost. The MapDotNet Developer license is always $1000 per year.

MapDotNet Maintenance includes:

  • All MapDotNet Upgrades for one year.

  • Access to the MapDotNet Support Portal including the Wiki, Forum and Blogs.

MapDotNet Developer Support

Developer Support is now available for MapDotNet customers. Developer Support is for customers that need programming help. No programming task is too difficult for the ISC Development Team. MapDotNet developer support is $200 per hour and is used in 15 minute increments. Support available for purchase at the time of the initial MapDotNet purchase or at crunch time.

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