Relevancy of mashups

The classic web spiderI was talking to a reader via IM and they liked my little KML/Google Maps “mashup”, but they wondered how quickly it would become out of date. Well I have no plans to update it so I’m sure it will become quite dated given the growth of Chandler.

If I was going to maintain such a site and I wasn’t being fed the data by Chandler directly (either officially or unofficially), I’d probably just scrape the webpage and generate my own KML on the fly. I figure it would be a good time to plug two of my favorite books on that subject right now. Of course Spidering Hacks by O’Reilly and my personal favorite Baseball Hacks by O’Reilly(any book that combines baseball with web technology gets my vote). Actually Baseball Hacks is the greatest book to ever come out of O’Reilly and I’m not just saying that because I love baseball.

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