Results from the Unofficial Developer Summit Meetup

It was good seeing everyone again and we had 4 great demos of GIS software for the contest. First up was Dave Bouwman and Sanborn showing a really slick integration of ArcIMS into DotNetNuke. Basically the portal that they created allows uses to create their own maps and integrate the into the portal without having to pay a programmer to do it for them. Talk about a money saver and it earned them a rubber chicken.

After Sanborn, Jithen Singh of Eagle Technology demoed an application that a programmer had written to test how fast he could get vector data to load in a client. Basically this programmer created a binary format for vector data and then created vector pyramids. The result was the ability to zoom in on a map from country scale to city scale without any wait for loading of the vectors. No longer waiting for those large vector datasets to load because much like pyramids in rasters, it really did speed up the map. The application wasn’t based on any ESRI technology so no chicken for them, but it really showed how vector pyramids are a time saver.

Then Jeremy Bartley showed a AGS Java demo that he built using code examples from ESRI java bloggers. He earned himself the “Java” chicken somewhat by default, but his point that there are great examples from Java programmers should be a call to aggregate some of this knowledge.

Update – OK, I finally had a chance to check out Jeremy’s demo application he wrote. It is very slick and anyone who’s using Java with AGS should ask him to blog about what he did. Impressive to say the least!

Last was Jim Cser and his KML Home Companion extension. I wasn’t around for most of his demo, but he’s really taken this free KML export tool far and for casual KML export is so simple and easy. This earned him a programming book.

We had about 20 people in the bar so it was a great turn out. Here’s hoping that the summit goes as well.

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