Running with GeoChat

We’ve set up our own Jabber server and have begun testing GeoChat internally. We did this because our firewall blocked port 5222 and it was much easier than working with the IT staff to open it. Its still too early to give my full opinion on how it works, but I will say it was much easier to collaborate than I thought it would be. If you have a Google Mail account, you can pretty much get this working within 5 minutes. A couple things I wish I could do that don’t seem available yet.

  • Change the default colors
  • ability to add actual text rather than just “ink” I’m not that good at writing with my mouse
  • an eraser to make quick deletions to ink

One thing to keep in mind, I was getting “out of bounds” errors on the ink until I realized that I had to make sure my projection was set in the layer properties. I kind of figured that was the problem, but the error message was a little vague.

click for larger view

GeoChat Test

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