Safe FME 2010

So yea I’m a little late with this as I’ve been really busy this week. Still I wanted to get out the word (assuming that you pay zero attention elsewhere) that Safe has released FME 2010. Now I’ve got no scientific data to back this up, but I’ve imagined that they were done with FME 2010 for a couple weeks now, but had to wait until the new year arrived before they could release it officially. I of course can understand given they probably had everything printed up beforehand and who wants to be they guy telling the accountants that they have to reprint all their material because they wanted to release in 2009.

Or maybe not…

OK so some really great things in 2010 that I’m looking forward to using in production is the improved metadata support and of course the engine that drives WeoGeo, FME Server. Oh Canada!

We hope you enjoy the beer, oh, like I mean the ETL, eh.

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