Safe FME User Conference 2009 and State of the Map 2009

Two great conferences are approaching, and one has a early bird deadline right around the corner.

The Safe FME User Conference 2009 (June 11th & 12th) early bird rate ends April 3rd, 2009. If you are planning on attending, you should jump on the savings ($875 vs $2250) right away. Don’t forget this year it is in beautiful Whistler, BC rather than “dirty old” Vancouver, BC. (I’m joking of course, they have it rough up there in BC). Me, I’ve never been to the FME UC or Whistler, but I’m going this year and I’m excited and so should you. If there is ever a reason to take a look at FME it is now when you have to do more, with less.

The State of the Map (July 10th – 12th) is also open for registration. I’ve never been and probably won’t be going this year (I’ll be here), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you won’t be going to San Diego in July.

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