Say hello to Port25

The Port25 header graphic

Not a geospatial site per say, but an interesting community site from Microsoft. According to Bill Hilf, Port 25 “will be the place we not only blog, but also where we put analysis from our OSS labs and also where we discuss and show other parts of Microsoft that we think are just plain cool or interesting.” All the posts seem to be from Microsoft employees, but I understand others will be able to take part making it more than just a marketing site, but a community. Time will tell if that succeeds, but it does look like those blogging already are a very interesting lot.

Anyone trying to create a community site should take note of how Microsoft is doing this. As with all their new community sites (Channel 9, 10, Atlas) the site is pleasing to the eye, has much content on launch and is somehow compelling enough to return for more. Just creating a community and saying it is open for business won’t get people to stay. As I said above, you need something compelling and Microsoft sure has figured that out (at least for people who want to learn more about Microsoft).

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