Sean Gillies Reviews Web Mapping Illustrated

Link: Web Mapping Illustrated Reviewed.

Tyler Mitchell’s Web Mapping Illustrated, published by O’Reilly, could have spared me about a week of hair-pulling back in 2000 when I was just beginning to discover open source GIS software. Our projects are reasonably well documented, and there is an enormous amount of knowledge within the community, but there has never before been a broad and coherent synthesis of that information. Finally, new users can see the entire domain of open source mapping from data creation, to data processing, to digital map. We’ve needed this book for a long time.

Sean Gillies posts a review of O’Reilly’s book, Web Mapping Illustrated. I liked Sean’s approach to the review and if you are uncertain that the book might interest you, check out his review. I picked it up a couple days ago and even though parts are a little basic, it was a great value to me in learning more about PostGIS and MapServer.

Web Mapping Illustrated

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