Shapes, Intellectual Property Rights and “Where’s My Desktop App?”

The 12-Pac is here.

Sean was quick to put his GIS skills to work and create a shape that gets me excited (ignoring the fact that Arizona State has no football team anymore). Bring it on Utah and Colorado! Kudos to BT for calling him out for not using a good projection. At least use Albers!

Intellectual Property Rights

One of the better blogs out there is the Spatial Law and Policy Blog. Kevin talks about intellectual property rights and GIS data:

I am still trying to understand the implications of the recent announcement regarding ESRI and It certainly has caused a great deal of concern within the geospatial community. According to this post from the All Points Blog, such concern may be unnecessary. However, given that (i) in the U.S. federal government data is not protected by copyright, (ii) the Obama Administration has been pushing greater transparency with respect to government operations, and (iii) the improvements in technology and open standards, I am surprised that the items Sean?Gorman?discusses in this post are still an issue with respect to federal government data.

More good stuff over there to stay up on the law and geospatial.

OpenGeo Suite 2.0

So it appears OpenGeo has released the 2.0 version of their OpenGeo Suite. Looks great including the pgShapeLoader. OpenGeo continue to refine and improve their open source derived product. Only thing missing is a desktop client.

Where is my StreetView?

So the US Open is going on and there seems to be no Google Street View of the golf course. Shame on you Google!

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