SharpMap is the new MapObjects

Bill Dollins is talking about how SharpMap is giving him back his “old MO vibe again”. What caught me eye was:

The open source nature of SharpMap was a huge plus and I’m having fun doing things that I always wanted to do in MO.

I can’t think of another ESRI “product” that has generated more love than MapObjects. It is too bad that MapObjects was cast aside for ArcObjects and ArcGIS Engine (both fine products, but overkill for many applications).

SharpMap includes ASP.NET 2.0 and Winforms 2.0 controls. It features rendering objects that are distinct from the UI on which they are rendering. It’s a model that allows for great flexibility.

Sounds like a slam dunk to me. WPF is the direction that .NET developers are heading so WPF support in SharpMap could open up a whole new area for desktop GIS.

So if you’ve been looking to get your MO on again, SharpMap obviously deserves a look.

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