Should feeds be removed from Planet Geospatial

Yep it happens like clockwork, Blogger feeds are again polluting Planet Geospatial. But it isn’t just Planet Geospatial. I got the same spamming in my RSS aggregator (FeedDemon).

Blogger Spam

I’ve been telling everyone that the new Planet Geospatial built on SimplePie will resolve the problems I’ve been having, but it gets spammed by Blogger too. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the problem isn’t SimplePie or the current Universal Feed Parser (though the new SimplePie based PlanetGS is really nice for other reasons), but Blogger itself. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you use the new “beta” Blogger version or the older version.

So what is the best solution? Having people use Feedburner doesn’t work, the new */rss.xml feed does the same thing and even the latest feed parsers have the problem. As much as I liked reading up on all of Paul Ramsey’s posts from the past 2 years (I’m not picking on you Paul, you just got lucky I guess), this should probably stop one way or another. I’ve been ignoring it because I don’t really use Planet GS as my primary blog source, but I see that many of you do and I’m reading you loud and clear. You’d all rather have a cleaner Planet GS page (without all that non-standard blogger html code that shows up) without any of these feeds. Now is the time to speak up as to how you feel. I don’t want to be the gatekeeper of who gets in or gets kicked out of Planet GS, but I think the Blogger issue has come to a head.

Plus there are some great free blogging platforms that run rings around Blogger and don’t cause these problem. (If you’d all just move over to this would resolve itself).

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