SpatialTau v1.5 – Santa Bring Turf

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I’m on holiday this week for obvious reasons but there is one bit of news that came out that has my attention.

Turf: GIS for web maps

Via Mapbox:

Turf is GIS for web maps. It’s a fast, compact, and open-source JavaScript library that implements the most common geospatial operations: buffering, contouring, triangular irregular networks (TINs), and more. Turf speaks GeoJSON natively, easily connects to Leaflet, and is now available as a Mapbox.js plugin on our cloud platform.

I love this, client side GIS in the browser.  I told someone a couple weeks ago that they should think about JavaScript as a GIS scripting engine.  Don’t toss the Python just yet but this is the clearest sign that we’re not far away from tossing the old GIS servers out on the street.

Merry Christmas everyone!