ST_Geometry Issues With Oracle

Dave Smith has been blogging about the issues with ST_Geometry on Oracle 10g.

Recently two ESRI customers have reported problems to ESRI Technical Support after upgrading to Oracle The Oracle upgrade appears to be deleting some schema elements we require for the spatial type (ST_GEOMETRY). Uninstalling the upgrade to restore the prior version of Oracle does not work. ESRI is in contact with Oracle and we are working together to understand and quickly resolve the problem in this Oracle patch upgrade.

It is a weird issue that came up and a problem on Oracle’s end. What is even more bizzare is that it really hasn’t gotten much play on ESRI’s Support Forums.

There is a thread in the support forums, but it really isn’t that clear to what the problem is and how to fix it (well we know there needs to be a patch, but that isn’t really spelled out on the forums).

I can only speculate that either that there aren’t many Oracle users rushing to upgrade to or there aren’t many Oracle SDE users dealing with ST_Geometry. This is a really weird situation if you ask me if it trickles down from a regional office.

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