Start of an interesting project

Well I’ve got a kick-off meeting in northern San Diego County tomorrow and it should a fun project. Anything that combines Citrix, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Oracle, Maximo, SDSFIE and some custom ArcGIS extension sounds great to me. I’m lucky enough to be close enough to California that I can get there, have a meeting and get home all in the same day. The Marine Corps isn’t on ArcGIS 9.x yet, but should be by the time the project is finished.

The only problem this trip is my ankle is pretty much shot. I have no idea what I did to it, but its really painful to walk. Of course the doctor couldn’t do much because the insurance company wants to wait a week before ordering a MRI, so I’ve got some powerful pain killer to make it feel better. I’ll spare you all my insurance rant (feel free to just use your own 😉 ) but I’m sure by the time I can get an MRI it really will be in bad shape and end up costing the insurance company more than it would have if they had just let my doctor do what they felt is right. I’m supposed to stay off of it, but I’ve been doing Christmas shopping and work around the house (I’m not one to just sit and put my feet up). We’ll see how much better it feels after running through the airport tomorrow.

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