Stefan Reacts to David Maguire’s Blog Entry

Link – It’s social software

Stefan Geens read David’s post and has an interesting take on it. Stefan doesn’t know much about GIS and even admits it, so his viewpoint is from an “ESRI outsider”.

Maguire implies that Google Earth and its ilk are a fad, a bubble, and rhetorically wonders why people have written about it. He can think of six reasons: It’s Google, it’s free, it’s easy, it’s detailed, it’s fast and it’s different, (but read the post yourself).

That’s sort of stunning, because to me, the most important reason why Google Earth and Maps are a runaway success is not on his list: It’s social software. Google Earth is an extremely compelling canvas that people are using to link their experiences in the real world to the web.

That is an interesting thought. I’ve always thought of GIS software as social, but it appears some programs are more than others. ESRI always preaches GIS for the people and it seems that message is not getting out very far beyond Redlands. I can’t wait to see what Jack (Dangermond – Founder and President of ESRI for those who don’t know) and David have in store for us at the UC.

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