Stop Putting Commercial Software in ESRI ArcScripts

Link – Express Data Tools – v9.0

Can someone at ESRI please clean up the ArcScripts site? Plain as day on the ESRI ArcScripts upload page it says “Not for samples or demos of products sold at Web sites”. There are way too many products that are commercial in there and this latest one takes the cake. 15 days and then you have to buy it, what a joke. If you have to advertise, do it by buying ad space, not polluting the ArcScripts gallery. Geospatial Enterprises is off my list of companies I’ll deal with. XTools Pro 3.0 is also a commercial product that tries to get around by offering some free tools, but it too is just a demo. Someone over at ESRI needs to get serious about cleaning this junk up and off the ArcScripts.

Better yet dynamite it and offer up something like where we can collaborate on tools and scripts for ESRI products. Now that would be useful and commercial products such as XTools Pro and Express Data Tools wouldn’t be on there unless they were released as open source.

Note: There is a ton more commercial extensions than those two on the site (specifically ET-Geowizards). Just get them all off please.

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