Swivel – Users Upload and Share Data


I’ve been checking out Swivel this morning and I have to say I’m excited. A friend described it best when he said it looks like a YouTube for data. Its so easy to add data and start using it.

Step 1: I loaded the career stats for Orlando Cepeda. I used the web query tool in MS Excel to import the data into a Excel workbook and then saved the data out as a CSV to import into Swivel.


Step 2: You then can preview the data to make sure it imported in correctly.


Step 3: You then can set the field types and unit of measure.


Step 4: Describe the data you have uploaded, where you got it, give it a picture (from Flickr, but you can choose anyplace later)


Step 5: Explore your data that you’ve uploaded


The graphs are not too bad and you can even embed them on your webpage like this:


Of course not everyone enjoys baseball as much as I do, but you can compare any other uploaded data via graph such as Per Capita Income vs. Unleaded Regular Gas Price


I’m as excited about Swivel as I was about Zillow. I can only imagine where this will lead as uploading and working with your data and data of others is just so simple. YouTube for data is right.

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